2016 Art-A-Whirl   Minneapolis, MN.


Anton Horishnyk is a Minneapolis-based, self-taught artist who uses bold, dynamic colors to define shape and contour for the subjects he paints.  He’s been painting for over 3 years. Painting on large canvasses is his passion and is a great way to express his artistic style. His artistic interests also include painting large murals and painting images on vehicles and motorcycles.

Painting allows him flexibility since his daily life is challenged living with narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that 1 out of 2000 people also share with him.  Narcolepsy changed his direction in life. Art is helping to define it and rise above his challenges.  His artistic style, spontaneous realism, is intended to make people smile and take a second look at images brought to life through a use of dynamic color combinations.

He welcomes commissions – people, pets or places. 

St. Paul Art Crawl 2017